At AlphaSync we absolutely guarantee the quality of our custom built PCs. But, with the best of intentions electrical components can sometimes fail. This is so infuriating for everyone. Especially for you. We understand your frustrations should your PC develop a fault which is why we’ll do everything in our power to resolve any issues you may have.

For your peace of mind your new AlphaSync PC is fully covered by a three year warranty (details below).

If you do have any problems with your PC contact us in the first instance by phone (01430 433 53) or by email support@alphasync.com.

AlphaSync warranty information

• Your AlphaSync warranty begins the moment you receive your new PC.

• Your warranty covers all system components along with all peripherals supplied with your PC including but not limited to keyboard, mouse and monitor.

• Your AlphaSync PC is covered by warranty for one year for parts and three years for labour from the date of delivery.

• The maximum warranty period on peripherals including but not limited to keyboard, mouse, and monitor is one year from the date of delivery.

• Please keep all the original packaging. This can be reused in the unlikely event of you having to return your PC for repair.

• Should you need to return your PC AlphaSync will not be liable for any damage caused during transit if the original packaging isn’t used.

• Warranty only applies to original purchaser and is non-transferable.